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what is probe?

PROBE is a one-stop-shop for people interested in participating in clinical trials, and for healthcare professionals working with the conduction of clinical trials.

We use AI to safely collect health information and match our users with trials based on their unique profile of data. This combined with a platform design created by real world patients.

Business model

We offer the world’s first lead-based participant recruitment service.

When users apply for a trial on our platform, we use health information and platform statistics to calculate the likelihood of the user getting enrolled to the trial, as well as finishing the trial. We offer a transaction fee, based on the quality of the lead we offer.


Participant recruitment

For way too long, research have been inaccessible due to a rigid application structure, and the clinicians having to be middle-man for the trial participants.

We wish to bridge the gap between people and research.


Retention interviews

Participating in a trial is everything but easy. The rarer the disease, the fewer the trials. Our medical team can help you navigate through the jungle of clinical trials. We offer consulting for all levels of trial participation, from finding relevant trials, to writing the application, to communicating with the research personnel.


Health Innovators Presents the Winning Start-up: PROBE

It is a long and complicated process for patients with chronic diseases to participate in drug trials. The amount of medical information to be provided as well as the bureaucracy and wait time leave the patients tired before they have even started.

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