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In addition to our cutting-edge digital research platform, PROBE offers a captivating array of specialized solutions designed to empower your research projects. Discover how we can seamlessly enhance your research initiatives and make every step of the journey smoother.

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Participant recruitment

95% of all clinical trials are delayed due to participant recruitment.

Members of PROBE gets trial suggestions based on their unique profile of health data, and can apply to the trial when willing to participate. In that way, PROBE offers the strongest leads on the market, and smoothens the recruitment process for both researchers and participants. We also offer to further push your research project against for a small marketing fee.


Retention interviews

30% of all trial participants drops out. PROBE is built and driven by patients and thorough interviews with trial participants, which means that we know exactly why people drop-out. We offer to keep your participants in hand with follow-up interviews and answering questions related to the trial participation. This ensures a comfortable and engaging participation in your trial, without the researcher having to worry about anything other than what they’re best at.



Trial design: We help you design all parts of your trial, with effectivity and lowering your costs as our main goal. Our experts help you with all parts of your trial such as placebo control type, population size of participants, interventional methods and writing a budget for applying for e.g. grants – to ensure sound data and no waste of resources.

Trial applicants: In PROBE, applicants can apply for the trials of their interest in our trial feed that suggests trials based on their profile of health data. We offer a service where we do the applications for the applicant without them having to even browse the feed. This maximises the probability of getting enrolled in the trial – even in the days where you don’t have the time to browse the feed. We also offer to reach out to research sites outside of the platform on behalf of our members.


Software development

The PROBE engine gathers statistics of various sorts within various disease areas of clinical research. We offer implementation of our engine into your platform to get high-quality and up to date statistics for your use. PROBE also does software development of custom solutions within healthcare.