Our story

In 2021, our founder Johan Lauritsen experienced the difficulties and disappointments associated with finding a relevant clinical trial. Johan is diagnosed with 5q SMA 2, a chronic and rare neurodegenerative disorder.

At the time being, there was fortunately a lot of ongoing research on this disease, meaning a lot of ongoing clinical trials.

Even though he managed to find a trial, based on back-to-back communications with physicians and reading inclusion criteria such as “Backup gene copy number” “HFMSE score” etc. – he was denied access to a US trial due to the application process taking longer than the recruitment period (>3 months).

At the time, Johan was a medical student and former researcher. He then combined his bright mind and medical knowledge to draw the very first draft of PROBE. He then pitched the idea to the “Copenhagen Health Innovation”, and after winning the competition, things started to rocket.

what is probe?


We wish to make it easy for the general population to engage with clinical research. It is our vision to achieve this by unlocking the potential of clinical trials. To make treatments reach patients faster and to shape a better future standard of care.

what is probe?

Business model

PROBE is a two-sided market platform for trial participants and researchers. We offer services such as pre-filtered leads for trial recruitment based on the profile of health data and the motivation to participate of the user themselves



The concept of clinical research isn’t exactly easy to understand. Engaging in clinical research and potentially participating in clinical trials really takes some energy.

What is it? Why should you participate? How do you even participate?

For way too long, clinical research has been something requiring extensive prior knowledge within the field to feel confident enough to interact with it. PROBE is an AI-powered research platform, that uses AI to suggest relevant clinical research projects to our users, based on their health data. Our design is created together with patient organisations, and by the patients leading PROBE.

We’re on a mission to make clinical research easy and rewarding for everyone to engage with.

We hope you want to join us on our journey! You won’t regret it!



PROBE wishes to make an all-in-one research platform, that over time has effective solutions for various hurdles within clinical research. Examples include participant recruitment, participant management, data sharing, trial design, regulatory applications and so on.

We are founded by both patients, physicians and other clinical researchers, which means that we understand the need of the individual researcher(s), from the individual trials, from the individual research and disease areas.

Researchers simply follow the flow after pressing “get started” and then everything should be self-explanatory. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our team

Meet our management

Johan Lauritsen

CEO & President

Nikolaj Povlsen

CTO | IT & Data

Anders Berenth

UX & Front-end Lead

Advisory Board

Here is Probes advisory board

Huda Kufaishi

M.D, PhD, Clinical Researcher

Martin Ahlgren


Paul Hargreaves

MBA, M.Sc.

Kim Plesner


Anne-Marie Hall

Founder at Amazing Hall

Benjamin Notlev


Ross Jackson

Wall of support

Here we would like to show our some love to all of the people who has chosen to support us
Sophia Clark
James Jones
Olivia Anderson
William Miller
Jessica Taylor
David Wilson
Emily Davis
Michael Brown
Sarah Johnson
John Smith